Chlorella is nature's first and most perfect food containing all the essential amino acids of protein, RNA & DNA nucleic acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals. 100% pure fresh-water Green Algae, Chlorella, as an antioxidant protective substance, may protect cells from the carcinogenic effects of free radical damage. With their broken cell walls, Chlorella can speed up the rate of cleansing in the bloodstream, bowels and liver, by supplying the highest yield of any other food source.

As an added benefit, Chlorella may help you with weight management goals. Protein-rich Chlorella provides a long-lasting energy source, and when taken at intervals during the day, allows the blood sugar to remain at a normal level. This prevents the body's tendency to crave foods, since the body's blood sugar remains constant.

Chlorella's ability to produce its protein about 50 times more efficiently than other protein resources such as fish, cheese, eggs, meats, etc. makes it one of the finest health food supplements available.

Suggested Use:
  • Detoxifier
  • Weight Management
Primary Ingredients:
  • Chlorella

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